Louisiana Artist

Adam Maillet is a painter, sculptor, photographer, digital artist, teacher, poet, and author.
Adam's paintings (inspired by Cy Twombly, Jasper Johns, Joseph Cornell, and Joan Mitchell)
are an extension of his research into mathematics, physics, and linguistics,
as well as celebrations of fashion, graffiti, natural landscapes, plant life, and chaos.

Have a look at the gallery, and feel free to contact the artist to
purchase these pieces, request commissions, or exhibit Adam's art in your gallery or business.



Paper Wrapped Box


All available pieces can be hand-delivered the same-week within 200 miles of Lafayette, LA.  However, all available art can also be shipped anywhere in the continental US within 1 month of purchase. Use the contact form below to provide your address, negotiate prices, and recieve artist pament info. Feel free to request commissions but anticipate 3-12 months wait for delivery.

Clothing Store


Finding that perfect piece of artwork to bring life and culture to your establishment can often be overshadowed by long-term commitment and significant price tags. Many of Adam Maillet's works are available to display and bring a taste of local art to your business (from New Orleans to Shreveport to Houston) at no expense to you. Contact the artist below to request more information.


“Anything that is automatic to us is bound up with our sense of self. We fear that if we alter that which is automatic, we will lose our selves”

Mark Turner


Lafayette, LA, USA


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